Dance Piece (1994) – harp and two trumpets

Icos piece (1997) – piano, wok and tape

Sampler Studies 1 and 2 (“The Swift”) (1997-1999) – solo sampler

Pieces for the Four Bags (1999-2004): Family Vacation, Trevoga, Interlude, Sketch, K Lounge, The Quarry, Beach,O.K. Aki, Wedding Piece, Brunette, Vertigo (pt.2)

Idea (2004) – piano and clarinet

Northere (2005) – piano and violin

Ocellé (2006) – for three sopranos and the Ereprijs Orchestra

You Walked into the Clock (words by D.Rallis) (2007) – tenor saxophone and two vocalists

Whatever Reason (2007) – piano, clarinet and cello

Dick-Ubik (2008) – for Ensemble Klang

Cable Essence (2008) – for chamber orchestra

Centrifuge Centipede (2008) – piano solo

Mutable Earth/Mutable Water (2009) – 2 pianos, 2 double basses and drums

The Apartmen songs (lyrics by D.Rallis) (2009) – for singer and various ensembles

Rover (2009) – for soprano, chamber ensemble and dictaphone

{V,R}≠G (2010) – for the ASKO ensemble

Virgo (2010) – for the Bang on a Can Allstars

Law and Order (2010) – for organ or string quartet

Chords Symphony (2010-2015) – for orchestra or various other settings

Republic Chords (2011) – harmonium, bassoon, viola and clarinet

Rhythms 1 & 2 (2011-2012) – percussion instrument

Left as None (lyrics by D.Rallis) (2012) – for vocalist and ensemble

“Princes” for electric organ, guitar, bass and drums (2012-2015): Aspirations; Binary Daydream; Flash-April; The Elusive, Bespectacled Woman in the All-Night Donut Shop; Hurry Up So I Can Catch Up; Knitting on a Red Bull; Bar Island Picnic (Partially Cloudy); Middle Jump; Earth Extended