Zolder Ellipsis (2019)

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The theme of Zolder Ellipsis is an apocalyptic/ancient reality where the world is populated mainly by robots (i.e. humanoid artificial intelligences) and the undead — not unlike the scenario in the comic book series “Zombies vs. Robots”. However, while in the comic the robots are the more benevolent force, here they are a tyrannical power, enslaving the zombies and mining their atavistic energy for the execution of their obscure robotic designs. The last remaining (living) people are few and far between, and live either below or above the ground (in basements or attics). The robots are aware of their existence, but tolerate it as long as the people remain isolated; if they attempt to socialize or otherwise take part in the outside world, they are forced to join the zombie slave population — a fate that is generally avoided, since in contrast to the zombies, the people are saddled with consciousness. In addition, revealing themselves would open them to the threat of having their brains eaten by the zombies — although the majority of zombies have developed a taste for the artificial brains doled out by the robots, and tend to prefer them. Some of the people content themselves with observation and documentation of the events taking place outside of their sad refuge, which allows them to preserve a modicum of hope. “Zolder” means “attic” in Dutch.

However, there are stirrings of resistance among the zombies. An unexplained force has led to the glimmer of consciousness (if not soul) in some of the undead. At first these aberrations are violently suppressed by the robots, but as they become more widespread a viable resistance begins to develop. The zombies fight with bitter and obsolete abandon. We join the scene as they impossibly appear to be gaining the upper hand…